Our Leadership Team

John Peterson

Senior Pastor 
John has served as Lead Pastor of Mountain Ridge Church (MRC) since 2017. Communicating the good news about Jesus Christ in a relevant way is his passion.  John started serving the Lord full-time in Northern Virginia years ago and moved from there to Los Angeles California and Phoenix Arizona. He and his wife Antoinette have two children and 4 grandchildren and feel blessed to be back in the area where they can spend more time with them.  They consider their new roll at MRC to be a wonderful opportunity to serve the Warrenton community with a readiness to share with everyone the hope they have in Christ. John also loves singing and playing guitar and has a love hate relationship with the game of golf. FORE!!!

Dick Wright

Executive Pastor

Dick Wright has served as Senior Pastor for 14 years at Community Christian Fellowship and Mountain Ridge Church in Warrenton Virginia. He has authored seven books, including "Growing Big In God" that focuses on the process of spiritual growth, and "Super Bible Heroes", a collection of cartoon illustrated bible stories and other bible comics. He was the editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union, the Providence Journal, and The Columbus Dispatch as well as other newspapers.

Church Board

Nate Russell

Chris Staudt

Mike Maines